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What is Bike’vember?

Bike’vember is a spring festival of cycling and walking, initiated by the Wanaka community in November 2016 – we encourage all to go by bicycle or other human powered transport for the 30 days of November and beyond.  Our 2016 survey feedback showed that thanks to Bike’vember “80% of our 230 participants significantly used their bikes more in November 2016” than they otherwise would have.


Bike’vember is all about helping people change their travel behaviour, with the aim to create a cycling town – a happy town with healthier people, quieter roads, stronger communities, better air to breathe – all-round, a nicer place to live and visit.

Who’s behind this?

In 2016 a small community based volunteer team consisting of Ella Lawton, Babu Blatt and Matt Quirk from Good Rotations, Jo Guest from Mission Wow and Colleen Nisbet banded together to create Bike’vember.  With the support of local businesses, local government, community organisations and numerous bike enthusiasts we produced over 30 community events, this website, our active social media campaign and our new video –  with over 230 registered riders pledging to go by human powered transport for the 30 days of November 2016 – we feel our first year was a great success.  Pedro Pimentel graciously offered his killer photography skills to the operation and brought the project to life through his images.

November 2016 was the event’s first incarnation, but we’re positive this idea will grow over the years and inspire more and more of us to get out of our cars and humanise our local transport, whether getting to school, work, running errands, social stuff or just having fun!

In 2017, we’re hoping the community will continue and adopt a ‘do it yourself’ approach to Bike’vember.

Other towns have held similar campaign events recently – see biketober.nz

The Bike'vember Crew

Bike’vember Crew, captured by Nick Flyvbjerg / www.activexposure.com

Hawea River Bridge Ramp Fundraiser

In 2016, all funds raised via our Givealittle campaign went towards adding a bicycle, pram and wheelchair friendly access ramp onto the Hawea River swing bridge. This will make the bridge accessible to many more commuters and recreational users – no more difficult dragging heavy bikes, trailers, trikes and prams up and down steep steps. A big win for all kinds of track users! The project is still underway, but is getting close to fruition – look out for news about the ramp in the local press soon!

How do I get involved?

This year Bike’vember is relying on you to take hold of the handlebars and organise your own events, gather your biking mates and challenge yourself to ride for as many days as you can during November – why not go for the big 30?!

You could organise a group ride, or decide to hand out oranges to anyone arriving into town on their bike. You could also invite your neighbours to have a bike-fixing evening and swap skills. Decide on a location for a picnic outdoors and invite all or just your friends to come on their bike. If you plan something – add it to the events calendar on this website or share it on our Facebook page so others can join in.

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you! Find all the contact details for Bike’vember on the Contact page

How can I get involved?