• Shift gear and ride for 30 days

  • Where will you ride in Bike’vember?

What is Bike’vember?

Bike’vember is all about encouraging people to go by bicycle or other human powered transport in the Upper Clutha for a whole month, and inspiring as many as possible to keep going at the end of those 30 days.

The goal is healthier and happier people, quieter roads, stronger community, a nicer town to live in. On top of that, fundraising will contribute to finishing a project that will benefit anybody in our community: a ramp onto the Hawea River swing bridge. During the whole month, lot of events are organised and we encourage anyone to organise group rides or other social events celebrating human powered transport.

Who’s behind this?

Bike’vember is the result of a small and dedicated team of Wanaka bike enthusiasts.

It started when Matt Quirk & Babu Blatt of Good Rotations bicycle shop, entered a submission to the Annual Plan in April 2016. The Council listened with interest, but no funds were allocated to the idea of holding a 30 day habit changing campaign. Councillor Ella Lawton loved the concept and decided she would help make it happen.

Karen Birkby from Aspiring Tracks Network brought her enthusiasm and ideas to the initial meetings. Some funding was identified for part of the ground work, but a lot of volunteer work was done to clarify what Bikevember would be, create a brand and a website. Ella had the genius idea of asking Jo Guest to coordinate the project and before we knew it, everyone in town is talking about Bikevember! Media wizard Colleen Nisbet came on board to throw some top notch media savvy into the mix and getting our fundraising cranking. Pedro Pimentel graciously offered his killer photography skills to the operation brought the project to life through his images. There was something missing… so we were stoked when Victoria Beattie offered her social media knowledge and skills to Bike’vember.

November 2016 is the event’s first incarnation, but we’re positive this idea will grow over the years and inspire more and more of us to get out of our cars and humanise our local transport, whether getting to school, work, running errands, social stuff or just having fun!

The Bike'vember Crew

Bike’vember Crew, captured by Nick Flyvbjerg / www.activexposure.com

Hawea River Bridge Ramp Fundraiser

All the funds raised (through sponsoring riders through Givealittle) will go towards adding a bicycle, pram and wheelchair friendly access ramp onto the Hawea River swing bridge. This will make the bridge accessible to many more commuters and recreational users – no more difficult dragging heavy bikes, trailers, trikes and prams up and down steep steps. A big win for all kinds of track users!

How do I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved in Bike’vember. If you are riding (we hope you are!), then visit the pledge page.

If you are a business or group and would like to support the Bike’vember campaign then visit our partners page. Alternatively, you can also simply donate to the Hawea River Bridge Ramp Givealittle Fundraiser,

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you! Find all the contact details for Bike’vember on the Contact page