QLDC Annual Plan 17/18 – Cyclists voices count too!

QLDC Annual Plan 17/18 - Cyclists voices count too!

Bike’vember’s version of what QLDC’s illustration should look like!

Cyclists voices count too!

Bike’vember, alongside many Upper Clutha community organisations are currently writing submissions to QLDC commenting on our communities immediate needs which are not addressed, nor budgeted for within the QLDC Draft Annual Plan 2017-18.  All submissions are due this Friday 28 April.   You can have your say by creating your own submission to Council – many voices make a roar.  Read our draft submission here. Please feel free to use the information within for your own submission.  We’re also happy to take your constructive feedback on any major items you think we’ve missed out (please no grammatical or formatting advice), just email us at ride@bikevember.nz

We’ll also be attaching a summary of the feedback from our Bike’vember Survey 2016. Thank you again for participating – this report has helped us write this submission and will also go to help us plan for Bike’vember 2017.

Don’t let this chance go by for better commuter cycling infrastructure in and around our rapidly growing neighbourhoods.  Let QLDC know that we need to be proactive and not reactive with transport planning for the Upper Clutha.

Have your say and help improve how we get around our neighbourhoods and town centres…… because a Cycling Town is a Happy Town!

To view QLDC’s draft Annual Plan documents, click here.

To make your own submission, click here.

The Bike’vember Crew